Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Overnight diapers

Well, I finally caved.

Each morning Meg wakes up with an extremely soggy diaper. Sometimes it has expanded so much, the Velcro straps are barely hanging on. But I’ve resisted “overnight” diapers, because, come on – are they really better? A regular diaper (barely) gets her through the night, why pay twice as much for an overnight one?

I’m a coupon/sale/deal freak and my specialty is diapers. I get my diapers cheap. Like 10-12 cents apiece. And they’re good diapers – like Huggies or Luvs. (I know Luvs are considered “cheaper” diapers, but they fit Meg’s body type better than Huggies (less leaks), so I try to get them when I can. Generally, you can find tons of coupons/sales for Huggies or Pampers, but very few for Luvs or other discount brands). Overnight diapers usually cost 30 cents apiece, sometimes more. I have a huge diaper stash - like, 6 months worth of size 3 diapers - in my basement, all bought super-cheap, so I wasn’t really interested in buying more diapers, and expensive ones at that.

But, Saturday morning and Monday morning when I went to get Meg from her crib, her sheet and sleeper were soaked. That has got to feel so icky. Because of the holiday weekend we’d all slept in, so she was in the diaper longer than usual (like, um, 12 hours – 8 pm to 8 am. I’m a terrible mother). But I knew the day was coming when we’d need overnight diapers. Sigh. Thankfully, Amazon has a deal right now, so I got Size 3 overnights for 24 cents each. I took the plunge and ordered them last night.

I subscribe to the feeds of a lot of couponing blogs. This morning I checked my email and found a blog letting everyone know about the cheap overnight diapers on Amazon…and how the size 4 are cheaper than size 3. I could have bought size 4s for 18 cents each! Meg is a solid size 3 (she’s still just shy of 20 lbs), but still. I’m sure we could put a size 4 on her. I’m ticked. I went back and bought TWO boxes of the size 4’s. But still. Now I’m all mad. At least I didn’t buy two boxes of the size 3’s! They should arrive today, so I’m excited to try them out tonight and see how much of a difference there is. I suppose if we love them, I’ll order more size 4’s, because, you know, I don’t think we have enough diapers in the house…

P.S. Confession: The buying-cheap-diapers thing is a problem. I figured I was pushing it with the size 3’s (seriously, you should see how many boxes I have), so last week I bought Size 1 Swaddlers. I’m not pregnant. Our next child will probably (if everything goes according to our plan – which is a big if) be born in like a year and a half. Or more. But they were Swaddlers! For NINE CENTS EACH. I couldn’t pass it up. If we never have another baby, I’m sure someone in our family will.

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  1. I'm amused. I HATE buying diapers, though I love a good deal. The last time I needed diapers for Fuss, Target was having one of those "buy 2 cases and get a $10 gift card free!" promos and at the time I was hoping that the potty training would work, so I only wanted one box... so we bought swaddlers for the upcoming baby (who I am pregnant with...) which have been squeezed into her closet, not to be needed for the next 2 months...
    BUT! Overnights! How I loved the overnights! In my own experience, Fuss has gone through a few phases where she needs them, we buy a package of 30 or so (whatever they come in) and by the time we're out, she's through the phase for the most part. So we don't use them for awhile and several months later when she starts to leak every night again, we go out, buy another pack of overnights and voila! no more leaks for a month. It works. But I tell you this so that you know you might not be stuck in overnights for the rest of her diaper-wearing nighttimes.