Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Drop-side Cribs

Does anyone know if all drop-side cribs have been recalled? I thought I read somewhere you can get some sort of kit and make the crib no longer drop-side. Maybe I'm confusing it with window blinds. I don’t know the brand or style name of our crib. We bought it (well, my mom bought it) from a co-worker of my mom’s. It was originally an expensive crib from an upscale children’s furniture store in town. I could ask my mom to ask the lady for the brand/style of the crib, but, well, knowing I should do something and actually getting around to doing it are two very different things.

Anyway, the crib was used for two kids. That’s not that many, right? It should last awhile. But now I’m thinking maybe we should have just bought a new crib. I didn’t especially care about drop-side or no drop-side, but if given the choice, I probably would have gone without, because you're not supposed to have them anymore. And I don’t need it. I’ve never used it – when Meg was little we had the mattress at the highest setting and there was no need to lower the side. When she started standing up, we lowered the mattress all the way, but I still have no problem reaching in. I guess I’m just too lazy to lower the side. Which may be the problem. While I never lower the drop-side, I do put most of my weight on it as I lean over it to reach Meg. When she wants out, Meg also puts all her weight on it.

We noticed tonight that one side was sagging. We pull the drop-side all the way up and try to latch it. It seems like it went into place, then a couple seconds later, it falls down. The front side of the crib is now lopsided – one side locked in, one side sagging down. It can’t be very safe. I’m really hoping there’s some way to fix this. I never really worried about having a drop-side crib. Yeah, yeah, I thought, they’re not as safe. Whatever. It will be fine. But now the stupid drop-side is broken, so it is not fine and I’m quite annoyed. We (well I) would like to have three kids. Will this crib last us through two more??? Should we have bought a brand-new one? Is there some way to fix it? We’ll definitely turn the drop-side towards the wall so Meg can’t use it to escape, but I still don’t think its safe enough for future kids if we can’t get it to latch anymore.


  1. Unfortunately, you need a new crib before that drop side fails. Drop side cribs are now banned in 8 states and a federal ban is in the works. Turning the drop side towards the wall is not a solution. One parent tried and another parent used duck tape...both their babies became entrapped and died. The CPSC and ATSW have removed cribs with sides that drop from the standards. Too many babies have died in all types of models. Most drop side cribs are recalled. Some companies offer a kit to make the drop side stationary. If you can't get the drop side to latch your baby can become entrapped. If you need more information contact me via (a website I launched about the hazard)

  2. Wow. Yeah, if it's currently acting defective and not staying locked in place, then I think you have a problem. I'd be scared to put my child in one that was obviously acting up and I am usually pretty casual about this stuff (not safety in general, but the overall panic of people freaking out about what might happen, etc. Fuss had bumpers in her crib the entire time (sans one night maybe?) she slept in it, for example. She slept better when the bumpers blocked the nightlight from shining directly into her face/crib, but wouldn't sleep well without SOME sort of nightlight in the room. Plus, once she learned to scoot, she'd shove herself up to one edge of the bed and her head would be all mushed up against the bumper/bars and I didn't want to get her bruised. (not her face, but the top or back of her head)