Monday, November 19, 2012

Create and send a free card from Treat, today and tomorrow only

Good thing I only have two kids, huh?
I certainly don't mean to inundate you with sponsored photo-site posts, but this one comes with something free for everyone. I love free card offers and I'm not picky where they come from. I try to stockpile free cards from various photo sites throughout the year so I don't end up running to Target on the way to birthday parties and spending too much on the first card I see (this, uh, happens a lot). For instance, in May there's often promos for five free "graduation" cards. The thing is, you can usually use the code for any cards and I order all of the birthday cards I need for the summer!

If you're in need of any birthday, thank-you, holiday or any other kind of cards, Treat is offering a free card - including postage - today and tomorrow only. Don't need a birthday card until January? Order it now and ship it to yourself! (That's totally what I'm doing.)

Just use the code TREATBLOGR here today, Monday 11/19 or tomorrow, Tuesday 11/20.

This post is sponsored by Shutterfly/Treat.

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