Monday, November 19, 2012

Should it Stay Monday: Photo cringe

We need to talk about this:
Hi Caitlin! Sorry to drag you into this.
(Ditto to partial Kammah.)
I like this outfit. Before seeing this picture, I thought it was pretty good. I actually took a picture back when I bought it a month ago and was planning to ask you about it, but I thought it good enough to not need to go on Should it Stay Monday.
Where did this go wrong?
A few things:

1. In what was clearly a horrible idea, I rolled the waistband of the skinny jeans once in the top picture. I discovered they stay put that way instead of inching down and have worn them like that ever since. Unfortunately, this also creates a heck of a muffin top. (WHY DID I DO THIS?)
2. I don't think the boots were a good idea. I never particularly did, actually, but I didn't have room in my suitcase for the shoes I originally wore.
3. I also thought the combination of spandex-y shirt with skinny jeans wasn't going to work, but was emboldened by the good picture plus a few people commenting they liked it in person. Also by the fact the shirt is longer than most and I make it a rule to only wear skinny jeans with extra-long shirts/sweaters.
4. Believe it or not, I'm (I think) the same weight in both pictures. Obviously it's not an ideal weight. For a while I've kind of been going with the idea that if I ignore the baby weight it isn't there. Turns out this isn't true! I'm working on it, though. We're going on a cruise in January, so have decided to focus on healthy eating at home and exercising during November/December instead of letting ourselves go and then having that compounded by all-you-can-eat-buffet-January. 

So I have a some questions:

1. Do you think it will always look like that from the side (i.e. would it still with better pants)?
2. If you saw me in this at the Blathering did you think it was an unfortunate outfit choice?
3. If I promise to a) never wear the shirt with muffin-top-creating pants and b) never roll the waistband of the jeans should I keep them?
4. What should I wear these items with? For instance, should the shirt be worn with only non-skinny pants? Or is it good with skinny jeans as long as I don't wear boots? Should the pants only be worn with loose tops?

Honestly, the Blathering picture has soured me on both items and if you tell me to get rid of them, I'm fine with it. But I also think it could have been a combination of bad decisions that are fixable. What do you think?

I would love it if you'd comment as well as voting to answer any of my questions above or just tell me how you think I should wear these items.

P.S. If it helps, here's the pants in a different outfit. I do think I'd like to keep them.
P.P.S. I would like to note I still sent this picture to my fellow garden-tour Blathering-mates even though I was appalled by the way I look. I consider this a win in the self-respect and not-caring-too-much-about-looks department for not only not deleting it as soon as I saw it, but voluntarily sending it to seven people. (And, uh, blowing it up and posting it on my blog.)


  1. I think you and I have the exact same body type - we gain weight in our bellies, which looks okay head on but tends to shock us when we see a picture from the side. I can't even tell you how many times I thought I looked fine and then caught a sideways glimpse in the mirror or in a picture and was not happy with what I saw. Stupid baby pouch!

    I am thinking that both the top and the pants are cute and you should keep them, but you have to be careful with what you pair them with. And yeah, don't roll the waistband.

    I'd pair the pants with a top that's fitted in the boob area, but flowy in the this?

    I'd pair the top with...hmmmmm...probably a skirt would be your best bet. Something that doesn't have pockets and zippers and whatever to make the tight bottom of the shirt look bumpy. I am a little hesitant about the belly ruffle but the rest of the top is cute so you should definitely keep it. Or give it to me ;)

    I prefer both of the top looks to the bottom one. I would only wear solid colors with pants that bright. But I am super scared of color so that shouldn't shock you. Honestly, I am really impressed that you bought such fun pants and would have thought you looked cute if I had seen you in it. I promise.

  2. I'm agreeing with Laura's comment almost completely. I also tend to gain weight in my stomach first, and I have noticed that whenever I take outfit pictures, I tend to use my best angle. And then I see candid photos later and it can be terrible, because I'm not sucking it in, or standing at a slight angle, with my chin in the right place, and ugh.

    But you know what? Screw it. I didn't see you wearing that outfit, but I think you look pretty nice in both pictures - the posed one, and the candid. Sure, rolling them made a more obvious muffin top, but I still thing the pants are bright and cheerful and AWESOME and you should keep them. And I think the shirt is cute. And maybe they don't make you look like a model, but they make you look like a well adjusted NORMAL sized lady who is having some damn fun with her clothes. And that makes me happy, so keep doing it.

  3. Agh, not candid, but less posed. Whatever. I know what candid means, and I assume you know what I meant. We are both smart ladies, the end.

  4. I have to agree that we have the same body type too. I like the pants but would wear it with a flowy shirt. I also prefer the flats with it. Except in the pic with the coat, I love the pants with the boots. I like the black top. Id wear it with something that gives the least amount of muffin top.

  5. I love the pants, definitely keep those (in fact, uh, where did you get them? I kinda want them myself!) Different top, but the pants are super cute.

    I'm torn on the top. I could see it working with a different pair of pants, or a skirt (no pockets, no belts), but I always get a little weird when I start to feel like a top has a bunch of requirements for wearing it. I think if it was in my closet, I'd probably get rid of it.

  6. I hate the whole skinny pants trend (when is it going to go away!?). I think they really only look good on 6'2" stick women. No, stick girls with no hips. I'm 5'3" and have a good pair of hips on me, so I run the other direction when I see skinny pants coming. So that's really why I voted to ditch them. I think that top would look good with wider-leg pants!