Monday, November 5, 2012

Should it Stay Monday: dress + girdle

While I was shopping New York & Company’s Labor Day sale, I came across this dress which I instantly thought would be perfect for the Blathering. I wanted to wear something a little unique and the print is definitely different for me. The dress seemed to be cut well for my shape, but it’s made from thin, clingy material and it emphasized all the wrong bulges. Ordinarily I’d just put the dress back, but it was on sale and I really loved it. Since my silhouette was the only problem I decided it might be time to invest in a…girdle. Yeah. I swore I’d never buy one, but, really, why not look as good as you can look? (I was already picturing myself looking fabulous in the dress.)

My next shopping stop was Kohls, so I timidly wandered into the shapewear section and decided to go as full coverage as possible. If I’m going there, I’m going all the way. More bang for my buck! Look like a model!

If you’ve never spent time trying on full coverage shapewear, let me tell you:  it’s no picnic. Just getting ONE on and off was quite the ordeal and I had to try several others until I got the right combination of size/band size/cup size. (I realized after I should have tried on bras first, since knowing my current size would have narrowed the search.)

I finally decided on this one and it makes me look so fantastic, I almost want to post a picture of me in it. Unfortunately, this isn’t that kind of site.

The problem is, when all my bulges are smoothed out my stomach starts to look like a bump and the cut of the dress makes it worse.

I know I should have taken a picture of the side view so you can see the full (non-baby) bump, but Thomas snapped this quick picture a month ago when I wore the dress somewhere else and I don't want to put on the whole getup again for re-shoots.