Friday, December 2, 2011

Thank goodness for the bell-ringer.

We’re going to an impromptu MOPS steering team get together tonight. Plans for it were finalized on Monday and I’ve obviously worked every day since (13 hour days, no less), so there’s been no time for grocery shopping. Our regular MOPS meeting took up the whole morning today and afterwards we usually rush home so Paul can nap and Meg can eat. I decided to try to run to the store quickly, though, so we’d have something to bring. Paul fell asleep on the way there. I figured if I snapped his seat in the stroller and pushed it around (while carrying a basket for the groceries) I could keep him asleep.

I went to the closest grocery store. We don’t normally shop there, but sometimes go for lunch. When we pull in the parking lot, Meg yelled I WANT PIZZA. I told her she could have some (yay! I don’t have to make lunch!) We got unloaded and up to the door (baby still asleep!) There was a Salvation Army volunteer ringing a bell and I thought Meg might like to put a dollar in the kettle. Ok, I thought, where’s my wal…CRAP. I didn’t bring my wallet. No money.

I turned around and walked back to the car. Meg through a fit when I tried to strap her in and kept yelling “I want go shopping! I want pizza! I hun-gy!”

The baby woke up.

By the time I got home, both kids were wailing because they were hungry. Meg refuses to eat anything I’ve offered and is still whining about pizza. Paul is cranky because he didn’t nap. I have nothing to bring to the party tonight.

Not the best day.

At least I didn't get all the way through the store before I realized, right?


  1. Times/days/instances like that make me want to pull out my hair and shout "DO-OVER!!"

  2. Oh my god, that is the WORST feeling. I hate it when I do that.

  3. The no wallet realization is horrible! I've often wondered if they would let me punch in my debit card number since I have it memorized. Never actually asked though.

  4. Oh no! That's rough. I hate when I've already got the kids out and I realize we have to go back for something!