Friday, December 9, 2011

On our tree

After last nights post in which I basically said I don't want to put up any of the ornaments we've accumulated over the years, I started really looking at them (I, uh, didn't put them on the tree. Thomas and Meg did that while I fed the baby.)
This is me, age 4 or 5ish, I think. Preschool ornament!
Meg, 4 months (she was 7 months at her first Christmas, but the ornament was ordered in advance)

My MIL brought this back from Mexico. On one hand, it's fun every year to say ooh, remember the starfish ornament? On the other hand, it doesn't exactly scream "Elegant Christmas."

While looking at all the ornaments I realized probably half of them are Iowa State ornaments. We have enough to do an entire ISU tree and, now that I think about it, I think that's what we did our first Christmas. We didn't have a big tree, so we put all the Iowa State ornaments on a little tree and didn't get the others out.
I kinda think that's what I want to do next year. We can do the big tree with red balls, gold beads and/or garland, and our Iowa State ornaments. Then maybe put up the little tree for the rest of them. Of course, that would require me buying red balls and gold beads after Christmas this year, because I refuse to pay before-Christmas prices. We'll see if that happens.

Am I the only one who has ornaments from my childhood on the tree?


  1. I have all my childhood ornaments and they go up on our tree!

  2. My childhood ornaments still go up on my mom's tree every year, and my son's go up on ours. We have all matching red gold and silver balls, and then we've been slowly accumulating kid ornaments which I honestly don't mind. It's still matchy but homey.

  3. My childhood ornaments are on my parents' tree. In fact, she even put up the ones I made as examples when I was teaching and then gave to her as a joke.

  4. I have my two favorite childhood ornaments on our tree - an angel my grandma made for me when I was 2 and the little mailbox that hung on our tree that would hold my letter to Santa.

  5. I have a horrible admission - I haven't put up my own tree since we've been married and moved to Ottawa. This is our 8th married Christmas.

    That said, I am an only child and my parents have given me all the ornaments and their tree; their cat has an compulsion with climbing it. Not only do we have all my childhood ornaments, but we have all the ones given to my Mom by students that she taught over her 35 year teaching career. My godparents also sent me an ornament every year, and they travelled the globe so there are some wacky ones.

    I'll never have a pretty tree, but that's ok. The amount of love that went in to the decorations makes up for it.

  6. I have my whole childhood's worth of rocking horse ornaments on the tree, and Kevin has all his teddy bear ornaments (we both come from themed-ornament families).

    We do have enough Virginia Tech ornaments to do a mini-Hokie tree. Maybe I'll do that next year too!

  7. My mom gave me some of the ornaments from my own childhood. My Gramma will likely pass some of the ones on her tree on to me in years to come. (I don't really want to think about that). But I don't have a lot of childhood ornaments up in our house, as we're filling it with ornaments related to the little family we've started here.
    I've actually always wanted to do an heirloom ornament with each family member's name on it - ever seen the Days of Our Lives Brady family Christmas tree? But it seems odd for ME to do it - needs to be the matriarch and my MIL doesn't even put up a tree (no room in her crazy house). Some day.

  8. I love the idea of an ISU tree! How fun!

    We aren't so much doing a tree this year, but when we DO we will have plenty of childhood ornaments with which to adorn it. I think part of the fun of Christmas is oohing and aahing over the old stand bys.

  9. I am kind of loving that starfish ornament.