Thursday, December 8, 2011

So who is going to PAY for this decorator?

Do you display the holiday cards you receive? I think it’s a lovely thing to do, but I just…don’t want to. I like things neat and homogenous. Dozens of cards with different colors, shapes, styles does not appeal at ALL. I look at every card we receive and read every letter. I keep them in a pile and sometimes look through them all again. But I can’t bring myself to put them up. We put photo cards from immediate family members (parents & siblings) on the fridge, but that’s the extent of the displaying.

I’m not sure why the cards annoy me the most, since our tree ornaments aren’t any more homogenous. has been kind of bugging me that (it seems) everyone who has tweeted a picture of their tree has a 'decorative' tree (as opposed to a 'personal ornament' tree) and I don't. I'm jealous! I’m the kind of person who would rather have a pretty tree with red and silver balls only than one with mismatched ornaments from special occasions, vacations, preschool crafts, and so on. So how do people do it? Do you have two trees? Do you put the mismatched ornaments on the back of the tree? Do you just not have many ornaments that don't fit into the color scheme? Do you have lots, but refuse to display them? I know my aunt wanted a tree with white ornaments only for years before she finally just did it one year. What I really would like is for a professional decorator to come and decorate my house with no personal touches. Does that make me a Christmas grinch?


  1. I have card hanging thingys, but this year, inspired by Pinterest, I tied ribbon around my kitchen cabinets and attached cards with paper clips. Doesn't annoy me nearly so much when I can spread them out. On the card hangers it just looks jumbled and messy.

  2. I have plans to make a card hanger bulletin board thingy. We will see if that actually happens or not. I have the supplies, but that doesn't necessarily mean I will follow through.

    We have a homogenous tree with just a few personal ornaments. I would love to do a theme tree like my mom does - all her ornaments are Santas, and it is a really cool collection. I can't think of a good theme though.

  3. I keep any holiday cards we receive in a Christmas-y basket thing in our living room because Ezra loves going through them and grilling me on who the people are in the pictures.

    I generally toss them on the 26th.

  4. My family has always had a personal ornaments tree, never a homogenous collection tree. I like how the theme trees look, but I also love laughing with my family about the homemade dough ornament in the shape of a blob. The yellow color is the only way to tell it is supposed to be a sun.

    Perhaps when we're out of an apartment and in a house, I'll chage my mind. Maybe a small tree with sentimental ornaments and a big theme tree?

    Ahh, probably not. I like looking at ornaments that have history. And Christmas trees are kind of a pain to put up. :)

  5. We have a set of french doors in our dining area/kitchen so I just tape the photos upon them. It makes the house more festive.

    As for our tree, I am pretty particular about it. All of the ornaments are balls of different colors and then I stick gold glitter twirly-digs in the tree and wrap it in ribbon.

    I have no idea what I am going to do when the girls want to make ornaments. Two trees?

  6. We used to just put the cards on the mantel, when we only got a few. Last year, they took over, This year, I'm trying to fashion a ribbons-hanging-off-the-cork-board-in-the-kitchen-to-stick-cards-to thing, but they all keep falling down, so I'm not really sure what I'm going to do. Maybe I'll do k's basket idea, that would be good for next year when L is out of the "CHEW ON ALL THE THINGS" stage. I'm pretty sure that child has ingested at least half a ream of paper over the past couple months.

    Our tree is a mishmash of personal ornaments. I do love theme trees, but to me, the mishmash is what makes it special -- the theme trees are pretty, but they're like the stock photos that are in model homes. Lovely to look at, but you know they don't MEAN anything to anyone.

  7. I have yet to figure out a way to display cards besides sticking them on the fridge.

    Our tree is a mishmash of stuff, and I like it that way. Every ornament has meaning and all that cheesiness. If I ever have a matchy-matchy tree it will be in addition to not instead of the other one.

  8. Our first couple of years we had a mostly-themed tree. Our first Christmas in our house, everything matched and was beautiful and there were only a handful of personal ornaments on it, so they just blended in. As a teen I alternated between wanting a stylish tree and wanting a sentimental tree.
    My sister alternates years. On even-numbered years, they have colored lights, and chaotic ornaments and a child-like look to their tree. On odd years, they have white twinkle lights and classic looks like a magazine. :)

  9. I like our tree of random stuff. It just feels homey to me.