Thursday, December 22, 2011

I take it all back

You'll never guess what's getting me in the Christmas spirit.

It's the Christmas cards I was so cranky about! I am loving checking the mail every day and tearing into new cards. I wish I had a place to display them (I KNOW). I cried when I read our close friends’ Christmas letter saying they’re moving to California – even though I already knew. I even thought the card that included a crossword puzzle you have to solve to read the letter was fun, not annoying.

I also love sending cards. I’ve been meaning to ask all of you for your addresses (by email, if I have it, then here if I didn’t), but kept forgetting to do so. Even though the cards won’t get to you by Christmas now, I’d still like to send them! If you’d like one, send me your address at

P.S. We’ve also gotten SEVEN cards for the people we bought our house from. Over three years ago. It’s kind of annoying.

P.P.S. I might still send emails asking for addresses, so don't be surprised if you get one.


  1. I got your card! And it was very exciting because it's one of like 2 cards I've received from non-relatives. Plus it's a cute picture of you guys.

  2. I too have been enjoying the influx of personal mail this holiday season! And I love getting to show the pictures of my friends and their children off. We tape ours to the front of my hutch in the dining room and then everyone can see all the smiling children. :)