Wednesday, October 26, 2011

More adventures in pumping

Maybe I should make this a series.  Remember all the “fun” I had pumping at a concert?

So.  I'm working at a client's office this week. This morning, this happened:

I was MAD.  I really wanted to stand my ground, but I don’t have access to the room-reservation system, so I wasn’t positive I was on the schedule for the right time and room.  Later, I went to talk to the person who had reserved the room for me.  She checked the schedule and there I was:  conference room A reserved for auditor from 9:30 – 10:00.

When we were having our discussion earlier, the woman asked me “are you the auditor?” yet continued to insist I wasn’t on the schedule.  After seeing the room was reserved “for auditor,” it was quite clear she’d been lying.  I was on the schedule and SHE KNEW IT.  Yet she LIED. 

After confirming all my other times were on the schedule, I thought the whole thing was over.  I was still ticked, but figured if she messed with me again I could deal with it then.  But apparently the person who reserved the room for me went to this person’s boss.  She (the room-stealer, not the boss) insisted it had been a mistake but that I shouldn’t be using that room anyway because I don’t need the computer in there and she does.  I wasn’t aware the issue was still being discussed until several hours later when the head of the department (a man) brought me a “lactation room in use” sign to use and called IT to move the computer out of the room.  And then I died of embarrassment.

This place has two other conference rooms.  Yes, they have a lot of meetings, but I’m sure at least one of them would be open somewhere around the times I usually pump. I’m all for standing up for my lactation rights, but I’m also flexible.  No need to rearrange the office.  I’m only here for three weeks!

(I know Iowa has great lactation laws, but I haven't looked at them in a couple years.  Maybe a designated lactation room is required, so 'whatever room is free' doesn't work? I do think they looked up the laws today.)


  1. Nothing says "FUN!" like a day long discussion about your breast milk.

  2. I would have been pissed. Angry. Even more so when you found out she lied.

  3. This really pisses me off. That lady sucks.

  4. Ugh. That lady sucks. I remember working out the details of my pumping schedule at my former job just before I was going on maternity leave. It was going to be a little awkward (since I shared an office), but we had it reasonably worked out. And then they laid me off while I was on maternity leave, so I never got to find out if it would truly have worked or not. Hopefully, you don't have to deal with any more drama.

    As far as the embarrassment factor goes, though - I'm going to tell you one the best pieces of mothering advice I ever received from my sister. Don't EVER be afraid/embarrassed to feed your child. You are doing something wonderful for your child but sacrificing your time and and energy when you can't be with him. Don't let anyone make you feel uncomfortable.

  5. OHHH this makes me SO ANGRY! I could rant for days on this topic. The building I work at has "personal rooms" inside each of the bathrooms, and that's where we are supposed to pump. Gross. Plus people go in there FOR HOURS and nap and play with their hair and makeup and do god only knows what else.