Friday, October 7, 2011

Seven Quick Takes

Yay for the new seven quick takes template!

--- 1 ---

Even though I only listen to the radio in the car and despite the fact it came out in 1993, I hear Little Texas’ “God Bless Texas” at least once a week.  Every time I do, I think BLATHERING, WOO-HOO!  I can’t believe it’s only two weeks away.

--- 2 ---

Part of the reason I'm now really excited for the Blathering is I finally have (almost) all my clothes picked out! I just need something for Sunday morning.

--- 3 ---

Meg doesn't understand how the radio works. She's grown up only listening to music on iPods. When we get in the car she starts shouting out her favorite songs and refuses to believe us when we tell her we can't make the radio play the songs we want. I tell her we can only listen to whatever happens to be playing. It doesn't help, though, that I continually switch between the five stations I have on presets, so I do appear to be controlling the music. I think she thinks I'm lying and deliberately not playing the songs she wants.

--- 4 ---

Meg loves Dora the Explorer. She has Dora dolls, books, and music, but we've never seen the TV show. (Please don't tell her there's a TV show.) Is Isa the Iguana on the show? How is her (is it a her?) name pronounced? I say Eye-suh, Thomas says Ih-suh (usually). Just now he said Iz-uh.

--- 5 ---

Did I tell you guys I'm running a 5K? I think I've tweeted about it. A week from Sunday (the 16th), Thomas is running a half-marathon and I'm running the 5K at the same event. This will be my first race ever. I'm rediculously slow, so my goal is to finish in under 50 minutes.

--- 6 ---

Paul is going to be a monkey for Halloween. I got his costume for $8 at a consignment shop. Margaret is going to be a fairy. As far as I know she's never watched/read anything with a fairy in it, but the costume came in a hand-me-down box and she proclaimed it "pretty" and wants to wear it all the time.

I am very glad the hand-me-down box came this past weekend, because I had found nothing for Margaret I was willing to pay for. I think I was expecting to find an $8 costume like Paul's, but I looked everywhere I could think of for used costumes and couldn't find anything in 2T.

(This quick take is pretty much exactly what I wrote in Michelle's comments here.)

--- 7 ---

Paul rolled over for the first time on Tuesday! The cat would like everyone to know she rolls over all the time and no one cheers.

(Yes, I already tweeted this. If you like reading the same things twice, follow me here!)

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  1. my three year old says it's pronounced "Eee-sah", like the short for Isabel. I didn't know there was an iguana.

  2. April is right - the I is like EEE because it's a Spanish pronunciation. We watch A LOT of Dora since Lucy was born.