Monday, February 21, 2011

Spring Cleaning

I’m getting to the point where I wear maternity clothes all the time. I could probably fit into my non-maternity stuff, but it’s not very flattering or comfortable. This weekend, I decided if I wasn’t going to wear non-maternity winter clothes any more this year, it was the perfect opportunity to get rid of a bunch of them. Goodwill only takes in-season clothing and by the time I want to get rid of sweaters each year they won’t accept them. Plus, sweaters are so expensive I feel like I should keep them just because I don’t want to buy new ones. But you know what? The ones I don’t like I NEVER WEAR.

I was originally just trying to get rid of enough to make room for maternity clothes in my closet, but it went so well I started opening boxes of college clothes and throwing them in the Goodwill sacks. I ended up getting rid of all of this:

Honestly, looking at this picture is kind of depressing. That’s a LOT of clothes (you’d be amazed at how much is stuffed into each of the big Kohl’s bags) and they’re all mine. Aside from two sweaters, I haven’t worn any of it in the last year. About half of it I haven’t worn - or even seen - since we moved 2 ½ years ago. WHY did I move all those clothes from our apartment?* Why have I let them take up space in our house for that long? It’s not only clothes, either - why do we live surrounded by STUFF that hardly ever gets looked at? I’m on a rampage and everything must go. I don’t know if its nesting or the spring-like weather, but I’m obsessed with getting rid of stuff. Our one “storage room” (the third bedroom on the main floor) has to be cleaned out so it can be made into Meg’s big girl room and I’m about ready to rent a dumpster and throw the entire contents of the room in there.

*I actually know why, but it still annoys me I could have gotten rid of all this stuff before moving and never even noticed. When we moved, I was almost 3 months pregnant with Meg and thought I would wear the clothes after having the baby. But even after getting back to pre-pregnancy size, the clothes just didn’t fit right anymore. You know how it is…


  1. I was like that in both pregnancies (my husband had to stop me throwing out my high school yearbooks when I was pregnant w/ Fuss I was in such a "dump it!" mode.)

    I'm trying to keep the motivation, but now I have the desire, but not the energy!

  2. OH MY GOSH, I have that same exact problem with sweaters. Summer tank tops? I can part with them easily. Turn them into dust rags, even! But sweaters I got on sale at Banana Republic eight years ago for $35? I can't do it for some reason and it's the stupidest thing in the world.

    I am going to go get rid of some sweaters tomorrow. You have totally inspired me. I don't even like to wear sweaters - they're itchy and not very stretchy and you have to dry clean them.

    See? This is so dumb.

    (PS this is A'Dell)

  3. I can't believe goodwill only takes in season clothes! so weird. I guess that doesn't happen here because everything is pretty much in season all year. I LOVE getting rid of stuff - good for you!