Thursday, February 17, 2011

A charmed week

I’m starting to wonder if I’m just dreaming we came home from vacation. All of these things NEVER happen in the same week, right?

1. I haven’t worn my winter coat all week. It’s been crazy-warm (50s most days) and today we’re supposed to get to 72 degrees! In FEBRUARY!  Plus, while we were gone, it got below zero every day, so we didn't even miss any good weather.

2. Despite the fact she slept with us on the cruise, Margaret has been sleeping in her own room, in her own crib, with no problem. She’s only gotten up in the night once since we got back. (I think she missed the 80 stuffed animals she sleeps with and is happy to be reunited).

3. I have Amazon diaper coupons coming out of my ears. I bought a new $40 box of Pampers baby dry for $10 yesterday. I bet the box lasts us a month! PLUS, the purchase got me an extra month of Amazon Prime.

4. Yesterday, someone had freshly baked, still warm chocolate-chip cookies delivered to the office. Just because. She went around bringing one to everyone’s desk. When’s the last time someone brought a warm cookie to your desk?

5. Today, I arrived to find the party committee had bought Panera bagels and orange juice for everyone. I thought it was supposed to be tomorrow (my day off), but nope! It’s today!

Margaret and I have dentist appointments this afternoon and I can only assume those will go amazingly well, too. Or, at least they’ll be over with. It would sure be a bummer to go through the whole thing then wake up and realize the appointment is still ahead of me…

Either I’m going to wake up from this dream or next week I’ll have one of these days. Although, the week before we left was one of the worst ever, between snowmageddon, everyone being REALLY sick, and stressing about whether or not we’d be able to go on vacation, so maybe I’m off the hook.

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