Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A little TOO much documentation

My family is obsessively documents all occasions, but sometimes it goes too far.  I'm going through Meg's birth pictures to (finally) make a baby book and I came across this one.  My sister is videotaping and someone (I pray it was my mother) is taking pictures. 

See that person all the way to the right of the photo?  That's the doctor and he is STITCHING ME.  I'm laying there, legs open to the world, while a doctor sews me up and my family gets video and pictures. 

I was only able to keep the camera and video out of the room until she was actually born, but as soon as she was they immediately started filming the baby and when the baby came over to me, so did the cameras.  My mother gave my sister strict instructions to avoid "the area" and thankfully there are no terribly compromising photos or video.  But STILL.  Its not like I really want to remember this particular moment.

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