Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm in smartphone withdrawl

Given the number of time Meg as thrown things in the toilet and how much she loves to play with my phone, I found it very ironic that I dropped my phone in the toilet today, while on a business trip 150 miles away from her. My beloved HTC Incredible is most likely kaput.

I immediately took the phone apart and dried as much as I could. I borrowed a phone from a co-worker who also has Verizon and called customer service. I was hoping against hope that maybe customer service would be able to tell me how to dismantle my phone further to keep drying it out. Or maybe connect me to someone who could tell me how to dismantle it. But all he did was say “At least you have insurance!” and gave me the number to call to make a claim. When I asked if there was anything else I could do, he recommended putting it in rice. I had already thought of that, but did I mention I’m on a business trip? I DON’T HAVE RICE. I’m in such a Podunk town that the grocery store closes at SIX PM, a fact I found ridiculous in an ‘at least it doesn’t affect me’ way last week, but that I now find ridiculous in a ‘why, God, why’ way. Guess what time I get off work? SIX. I got the phone wet at 5:30. I couldn’t exactly just leave, because there was only one (company) car for me and my two co-workers.

Thankfully, my co-workers agreed to leave immediately. I dropped them at the hotel and went to the grocery store. Turns out, when the only grocery store in town closes at 6 pm, it’s very crowded at 5:45. I found the rice (which took forever, even though there were only five aisles) and got checked out. Right now my phone is sitting in an ice bucket full of rice and I’m praying it works in the morning.

P.S. One thing I love about Verizon is that you can text from their website. I texted my husband the hotel’s phone number so at least I can still say goodnight to Meg.

Updated:  After letting my phone sit in rice overnight, it started working again.  It seems to be OK, but sometimes randomly shuts down.  I can always turn it back on right away.  It seems to be a battery issue and Andrew said a co-worker of his had the same problem.  He got the phone wet and the phone ended up fine but the battery didn't work very well.  I might have to buy a new battery.

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