Thursday, September 23, 2010

You'd better get out your winter coats, because HELL JUST FROZE OVER

In May, we decided to shut off our cable. It costs a hundred dollars a month and is SO not worth it. Since we try not to let Meg watch TV, we were barely watching it. Plus, between Hulu and Netflix, we can watch almost all of our shows. So Thomas called to shut off the cable and was informed we had signed a 24-month contract and had 5 months left. They wouldn’t cancel our cable, but they did say they could shut it off for as long as we want. The guy said a lot of people shut off their cable for the summer. We could turn it back on whenever we wanted (and then use our remaining 5 months). We chose to have it shut off after all the season finales were over.

Yesterday, Thomas texted me to tell me he’d called and had the cable turned back on. I couldn’t believe how excited I was! We’d done just fine without cable. I thought I didn’t really miss it. My new boyfriend, Hulu Plus, and I were doing great. But Tuesday we had a nasty incident after I’d spent all day looking forward to watching the season premiere of House (that aired Monday night), and Hulu informed me I was not allowed to watch episodes of House until 8 days after they air. So when I heard the cable was back, I told Hulu “we were on a break” and went running back to by beloved Tivo.

Last night we watched the season premiere of Modern Family, without commercials, after putting Meg to bed. It was so amazing to watch it right after it aired. Also, Tivo remembers ALL of my shows and recorded the two hour season premiere of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit without even being asked!! I didn’t even know it was premiering last night. Even better, it had 15 episodes of Law and Order waiting for me. I haven’t seen Law and Order for MONTHS, which I don’t think has ever happened before. Its not on Netflix on Demand or Hulu Plus or anywhere else. Only cable. I’m so happy.  I know my days with Tivo are numbered, but I’m going to enjoy them as much as I can. Hulu says he’ll wait for me.

Oh, and if you’re wondering why hell froze over, I guess I’ll tell you as a reward for reading this far. After watching Modern Family, despite the fact the season premiere of SVU was sitting on the Tivo all ready to watch, I turned the TV off AND WENT FOR A RUN. I wish you all knew me better, because if you did, you’d be blown away. I don’t run. I sit on my butt and watch Law and Order. But Thomas finally talked me into trying the Couch to 5K. I’m almost done with week 3 and I actually like it! I cannot believe I actually chose running over TV.  Who knows what'll happen next.

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