Monday, September 20, 2010

To clarify

I almost didn't publish the last post.  When I re-read the sentence "She was in a dirty diaper every time we picked her up - Tuesday, Wednesday, AND Thursday. Who knows for how long" the picture I get in my head is some third-world orphanage where the kids sit in dirty diapers all day.  I pictured you all thinking "I can't believe she's rationalizing this - my kid would never go there again."  And then I threw in the fact that our car seat had been stolen from the center, so that makes me think you're wondering if we're sending our kid to a daycare in a bad part of town just to save some money.  I assure you that's not the case.  The center is next door to Andrew's office and just down the street from the apartment we lived in for 2 years.  Its in West Des Moines, for goodness sake.  There isn't much of a 'bad part of town' to begin with and where we lived wasn't it.  Also, we visited a LOT of daycares in and around West Des Moines and this one was #2 on our list.  (#1 is at a very inconvenient location for us and they require a minimum of 3 days a week.)

I just don't know how to explain why we are going to continue to send her.  For one thing, this is the first time she's gotten a rash that bad while at daycare.  She does come home almost every week with a lot of redness in the diaper area, and we don't like that, but its pretty easy to get rid of.  Also, we've never complained about it, so I want to give them a chance to improve.  Plus, there have been several weeks in the past where she's gone to the daycare for the whole week and nothing like this has happened.  And, as I said in yesterday's post, the biggest problem is the teenage staff, who are only there for an hour of the time Meg is there.

I do have to say that, as happy as I am with the toddler room staff, they're not quite as good as the infant room ladies.  THOSE women are awesome and took wonderful care of Meg.  I miss them.  She never had any diaper redness while in their room.  If/when we have another child, I definitely want to send him/her to this daycare, as least for as long as they're in the infant room.

I guess, to us, a rash this severe seems like an isolated incident and since we haven't had any other problems in the year Meg has gone there we'd like to believe it won't happen again.  If we think things aren't getting better, Andrew can always start popping in at various times throughout the day to keep them on their toes:)  I'll keep you updated.

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  1. According to my pediatrician, diaper rash happens. Even sort of severe diaper rash can happen, but yeah, I'd be getting on their case a little more when you notice it.

    Many times diaper rash is yeast-related. You can add an OTC feminine yeast-infection cream to your treatment if you notice the rash has begun to look more rashy (little red bumps) instead of just reddish.

    My daughter gets diaper rash so often we have an arsenal of creams and treatments to help care for it. She hates to have her diaper changed so sometimes it goes longer than it should and she NEVER admits she's dirty even if I ask her straight out, so I have to be very vigilant about it and sometimes I get distracted and don't change her quite often enough.