Friday, September 3, 2010

Seven Quick Takes

1. Iowa State’s season football opener was last night and we are having the most PERFECT football weather. Right now its 69 degrees and I couldn’t be happier. To go to the game last night, you’d have had to wear a sweatshirt, which made me really wish I could go.  I usually have no desire to go the first few games of the season, since its often still really hot.

2. Since its so nice out, I have every window in the house open, which is GREAT, because our house basically smells of moldy food, sweaty workout clothes, and toddler puke. I’m enjoying airing it out.

3. Yesterday, Meg again refused to take a nap, so I decided I’d had enough of this nap refusal and instituted cry-it-out naptime. It worked perfectly. Yesterday, she cried for an hour (with me going in there every 10 minutes), but today she only fussed quietly for 10 minutes. I didn’t even have to go in there!! Plus, after taking a good nap yesterday, she slept better than she has in a LONG time last night. She didn’t get up until NINE A.M.

4. On Sunday, our whole family is going to a hibachi place for my birthday and I’m really excited. I love hibachi and we almost never go.

5. Thomas has been bugging me for weeks asking what I want for my birthday and I seriously can’t think of anything. At all. The best I’ve come up with is a shopping trip, but I just bought a bunch of new clothes two weeks ago (with birthday money from last year that I found while cleaning). Anyone know of some cuty Etsy stuff? I am one of those rare women who hate online browsing/shopping.

6. Seriously, between the awesome weather, ISU winning last night, sleeping in until 9, the return of naptime, and my birthday tomorrow, I’m the happiest person EVER.

7. And now Meg’s up after only a 30 minute nap. But that’s OK! Nothing is going to ruin my good mood!

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