Friday, September 17, 2010

Seven Quick Takes

1.  I have strong memories associated with songs. The song “So What” by Pink came out when I was pregnant and had terrible morning sickness. I don’t know if you listen to pop radio, but they played that song constantly. I was working on a local audit and we had a radio on all day. Most days we heard the song 4-5 times. One day they had a contest where every time you heard the song, you could call in for a prize. They played this game EVERY HOUR. We work 10 hour days on local audits, so that day we heard “So What” 10 times. Amazingly, I didn’t really get sick of it. Its one of those really rare songs I still like despite its overplayed-ness. (Usually, no matter how much I like a song, I have my limit of how many times I can hear it. If I get past the limit, I start to hate the song. I hate many songs I used to love. Stupid radio.) Anyway, despite the fact I still like the song, when I hear it, it really takes me back to early pregnancy and I get the strongest urge to throw up. I’ll be sitting at work, not really paying attention to the radio and all the sudden I feel quite nauseous and can’t figure out why until I realize the radio is playing “So What.”

2. We’ve been pretty upset with our daycare this week. Although I hate the situation, I thought “at least it gives me a topic for a blog post!” I’ve been meaning to write it for two days now, but I just never get around to it. I usually do computer stuff while watching TV in the evenings, but the computer has become our TV (Hulu Plus). It really cuts down on computer free time, and when I finally get some I do other things instead of writing…like check my email and buy 10 kinds of diaper rash cream on Amazon. (well, maybe not 10)

3. Meg and I have to leave soon for the first day of MOPS! I’m excited. I have pretty much no social life. So I’m looking forward to mom time. It might be a bit overwhelming, though. I like getting to know people on more of a one-on-one basis. Last year the there-every-meeting group (which included me) was pretty small. 8 people? 10? There were several others but they were hit and miss about attendance. So by the end of the year, I knew those 8 women fairly well. And we did some park playdates and moms nights out over the summer (annoyingly I missed the last two, which is part of the reason I feel like I haven’t done any socializing in forever). However, there was another MOPS group nearby that disbanded at the end of last year and our group invited those moms to join us. I’m worried there will be 30 people or more there today and I don’t like that. Its too loud and chaotic and you don’t really talk to any one person for longer than a few minutes. But I’m excited to go, anyway!

4.  Right before going to sleep every night I think about whether I have to set an alarm for the next day.  It was kind of depressing to realize I didn't have to set my alarm make it to MOPS on time.  Last year we'd often be late because Meg would sometimes sleep until 8:30 or 9 (usually she got up at 8).  This year there is no chance we'll be late, as she now gets up between 5:30 and 6:30 almost every day:(

5. Monday morning I woke up and was so excited about getting a massage this weekend. I looked through the spa brochure (its been saved to my computer in pdf format for months) and picked out what I wanted (massage, pedicure, manicure). I authorized the amount I wanted to spend with Thomas (who is paying for all of this as a gift for my birthday) and got ready to call. Then I got an email reminding me the church women’s retreat was this weekend. I’ve been on the fence about it for awhile. Should I go, should I not… As I said, I don’t like crowds. At all. There’s going to be a ton of people there (we go to a big church). And, honestly, I’m just not in the retreat mood. I’m not really a retreat person. They’re usually too long. Too “this should be incredibly moving” and too “where are you in YOUR spiritual journey?” No thank you. (I’m at the point where I don’t want to talk about it. I have never wanted to talk about it!  I'm not a talk-about-it kind of person.) I was 90 percent sure I didn’t want to go. But I didn’t want to schedule a spa day and then decide I wanted to go to the retreat. So I dithered. And ignored the fact I had to make a decision. And waited another day. And then realized the deadline to sign up for the retreat had passed. So I called the spa. They didn’t have any appointments on Saturday. I am REALLY, REALLY bummed.

6. Thomas ordered Season 6 of The Office.  It came yesterday.  I like The Office, but Thomas is in love with it.  So much so I sometimes find it annoying to watch with him.  I usually dread watching the DVDs, but once we start I remember how funny the show is and enjoy it.  Now we're both excited to watch all the shows PLUS deleted scenes.  And hey!  It's the season where Pam and Jim get married and have a baby!

7. For the last quick take, I'm cheating and using someone else's blog post.  A few months ago I said Erin Zammet Ruddy's Parenting blog "is freakishly often about exactly what I’m thinking."  On this week's topic we could not be more different.  She says she's not really a baby person - more of a toddler person.  I am TOTALLY a baby person and she described exactly what its like:

"...can’t be in the room with a baby without wanting to hold it...could sit for hours holding a baby, any baby. And they don’t panic when they start to cry. If you’re a new mom at a party and want to relax, they’re your girls. And a friend at Glamour was such a baby freak that she could sense if someone was stepping off the elevator with one—she’d beeline to hold the baby and coo at the baby and love, love, love the baby"

I couldn't have described it better.  I loooove babies, which is kind of hard for family planning purposes.  I want tons of babies.  The more babies the better.  I love babies!!  But older kids?  I definitely don't want tons of them.  A few, maybe.  WHY do babies have to turn into older kids?

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