Friday, August 31, 2012

Maybe I should just homeschool (ha!)

I’ve been crying at every back-to-school post this year, especially the kindergarten ones. I don’t understand why you all insist on rudely reminding me kids grow up. Just the thought of Meg going to kindergarten is making me cry again right now. She’s so little! (You: well, duh, she’s only three and has two full years to go. Me: But yesterday she was a baby! Which means kindergarten will feel like tomorrow!) (This also may have been slightly brought on by the fact she now signs drawings with her initials. She can WRITE. Or, you know, make two M’s.)

It’s not just time moving so fast, though. What I’m most scared of is the gradual separating from my control. I want to know she’s 100% safe all the time. Obviously that’s impossible, but right now we’re as close to it as we’re ever going to be. With each year, I’ll have to give her more independence and going to school feels like the biggest jump (aside from learning to drive, but thankfully I haven’t started worrying about that quite yet. In a couple years, maybe.)

At least Meg is a social butterfly, adapts quickly to new situations, and enjoys learning. It does make me feel a little better to think about how much she’s going to love school. After her, I get to worry about my shy boy who sobs his heart out every time we leave him.


  1. The control thing is the hardest part for me. We started kinder this year and it's been so, SO much harder for me than preschool ever was.

  2. I pretty much want to freeze time as I can't stand the idea of losing control or having to trust some institution to keep my baby safe. Ahhhhhhhhh