Friday, August 17, 2012

Apropos of nothing

I’ve always thought I’d like to get a tattoo someday. Except I mean that literally. I’d like to GET a tattoo and walk around with it awhile, but not have it for the rest of my life. So then I say I’d like to have a tattoo temporarily. Which sounds like temporary tattoo, but those things are ugly. Also, I want it to last longer than “until I shower.” I suppose what I’m looking for is a henna tattoo, but I don’t like henna tattoos. I want color. Or at least richness instead of a washed-out look.

What I would like is something that lasts for quite a while – a year or two –then goes away. I don’t want it to fade over years, though, because the fading is one of my big problems with tattoos. If it were a real tattoo, you could get it re-inked, but the whole point here is for it to go away. Why has science not figured this out?

Do you have a tattoo? Of what? Where? I haven't thought that far, because I'm worried if I picked out something and where I wanted it to go I'd get it. And I really am opposed to the idea of it being permanent.


  1. Nope, no tattoos. But I do look back on some of the things that I thought would be really nifty to get when I was in college and think "Whew. BULLET DODGED."

  2. You've maybe already heard me say this, so sorry if you have! I have one, in the general "tramp stamp" region, but slightly higher. I was born in Hawaii, and on the night I was born there was a full moon, and an erupting volcano on ... so that's my tattoo, a full moon over an erupting volcano. I like the placement, because I don't see it that often and don't get sick of it, and no one has to know I have it unless I want them to.

  3. I have two and still like them both. One is on my lower stomach, left side, and the other is on my lower back right side. Both are good luck charms -- ladybug on my stomach, four-leaf clover on my back. I forget about the four-leaf clover most of the time. The ladybug is my favorite and my first. It has the words Carpe Diem around it and though I'm sure it might sound cheesy and stupid to most people, the whole thing still means something to me. I got it when I was 18.
    I'd like to get another -- and my ladybug needs reinked -- but I can't make up my mind to spend the money.

  4. I have one as well. It's a plumeria flower on my lower back. Similar location to Pinkie's. Since it's on my back, I rarely see it and no one knows it is there unless I want them to. (I actually showed it to my boss on Thursday. We were having a discussion about tattoos.) I was impressed at the hospital that the nurse knew exactly which flower it was when I was getting my epidural.

    I have debated having it removed (ouch!) because I don't think it really suits me anymore. I got it right after my divorce as part of my rebellion and I just don't feel like it really represents anything to me anymore. I have also debated getting a tattoo of Jackson's initials or something else to represent him. I'm still on the fence on that one because I'm not sure I want to go through the pain again and I don't know where I'd put it.

  5. I have three! With plans for at least two more. I have daisies on my left foot, a coordinating tattoo my baby sis and I got together because it's our birth flower. I have an angel on my right ankle, a tribute to our Angel, of course. And I have Eriana's name, written in Jim's handwriting, on my left inside wrist. I'd like to get a heart on my foot (well, inside below the ankle) for my recent miscarried baby, and eventually I want an elephant somewhere, maybe on my back, because I love elephants and the strength they represent.

  6. No tattoos here, but my college roommates and I used to have a discussion about how someone ought to come up with tattoos that lasted a year or 3 years or whatever and then faded. That'd be so great!