Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I forgot to put this in Monday’s post – on Sunday, Paul started calling me mommy:)

His first word was “hi.” I can’t remember exactly when he started saying it, but he said hi to the doctor at his 9 month checkup and I think he’d been saying it for a week or two at that point. He doesn’t babble “hihihihihi,” he says it TO people and it is freaking adorable. He says daddy (occasionally) to Thomas and kih-he to refer to the cat. Also, he started saying my SISTER’s name before mommy.

Her name is Katie and I told mom he probably just thought her name was kitty. But we were watching home videos this weekend and he pointed right at her and said “KAY-HE!!” It was clearly different from when he pointed to the cat a minute later and said “kih-he.” Nuts.

Also, he says “hi daddy” (that’s pretty much the only time he says daddy, actually) and “hi kitty” (which he said long before he said kitty on its own). I think it’s a little unusual for him to have two-word phrases already, but he does seem to know the proper context. He only says it to Thomas or the cat; to everyone else it’s just “hi.” It was just this past week he started saying kitty on its own (while pointing at her). I say “hi kitty” pretty much every time I see her, so I wonder if originally he thought her name was hikitty.

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  1. Aww, that's so sweet! Sounds like you might have quite the chatterbox on your hands. :)