Monday, April 16, 2012

Questions for you, part 3

I totally forgot about posting questions from my list periodically. Oops. Today, however, is crappy-day-present-exchange assignment day! I meant to post about the crappy day present exchange BEFORE, so you could sign up if you wanted, but... oops again.

In honor of that, here are a few questions I'd like to know about my assignee, but aren't going to ask directly, because that would spoil the surpise:)

1. Do you prefer coffee or tea? Caffeinated or decaf?
2. Do you have fancy equipment for your coffee/tea? (Keurig, Tassimo, loose leaf tea brewer thingy (I know, totally different price ranges there, but you know what I mean))
3. Do you prefer milk or dark chocolate?


  1. Coffee. Always coffee! I generally go for full-caf, but half-caf and decaf have their place too ;)

    Nope -- I had a Keurig but didn't care for it (I like my coffee stronger than it makes it) so now I have a cheapo Black&Decker coffeemaker that only does one cup at a time and I LOVE it.

    Milk. I only like dark if it comes with coconut or raspberry. Though in general, I am not a big chocolate person -- I prefer gummy candy like Sour Patch Kids.

  2. I like both coffee and tea, although I've only bought coffee so far for the Keurig we got at Christmas. The more caffeine, the better!

    Love milk chocolate, love white chocolate, hate dark chocolate.

  3. Coffee, caffeine, French press, dark.

  4. I don't do coffee, just herbal tea sometimes. And I don't have anything really fancy for that, but I do have a cute little teapot.

    Dark chocolate all the way. The darker the better.