Monday, April 23, 2012

The state of the baby

The cloth diapers are giving me fits. (What does ‘giving me fits’ mean, anyway?) A couple weeks in, we started getting the dreaded ammonia smell, so I stripped them, which did not bode well for my cloth diaper math (all that hot water is expensive!) Then, a couple weeks after that, they started smelling like…ass. Not the dirty ones necessarily, but all of them. So I did a lazy mini-strip (ran an extra hot rinse, but that was it) and it seemed to work. My current theory is our cold water is cold enough to be ineffective as a rinse and if I really want to get all the detergent out, I need to rinse with warm or hot. Which, by the way, is impossible to do without babysitting the machine, since the only option is a cold rinse.

Paul turned ten months old today. He is still not sleeping well. Cosleeping helps a little – especially in the mornings. He gets up around 5 (and once during the night) and it helps tremendously to not have out get out of bed to feed him.

He still refuses to drink bottles at home. He’ll drink a few while at my mom’s during the day, but never at home. If I’m not around, or can’t nurse him, he demands solid food and rejects all bottle attempts. When I pump at work, I get roughly two ounces per pumping session which says two things to me: 1) I need to quit 2) He’s not getting enough milk. But what do I doooooo? He refuses to take ANY additional milk. I have a freezer full of breastmilk (which he drinks at my mom’s) and he won’t touch it at home. I tried giving him formula and he was not amused. He won’t drink bottles for Thomas, either, even if I hide downstairs.


  1. Will he take milk out of a cup? My niece would never take a bottle so when she weaned (at like 10 months) she went straight to a sippy cup.

  2. I was going to suggest the same as Elsha. Beastie never really liked bottles all that much either, though he took them more than your little guy.

    I'm sorry this is so frustrating. Kids, man.