Friday, May 14, 2010

Spray tan

My sister is getting married on Saturday. We’ve all been running around getting beauty treatments like crazy. Last week, I had my hair highlighted and cut. Wednesday my mom and I got pedicures (my mothers day present to her). I know my mom was getting a manicure and spray tan yesterday and my sister is getting a spray tan today. I think she’s also getting a mani/pedi today. I decided I shouldn’t be the only pale one, so I went to get a spray tan last night. I forgot I read once that pregnant/nursing women are not supposed to get spray tans or use self-tanner. Oops. I was planning on skipping the bedtime pumping, since I’d have the stuff on my skin, but I was going to resume as usual the next morning after showering. Last night I decided that probably wasn’t a good idea. The milk I pumped this morning was made overnight while I layed there letting the chemicals soak in. I poured it out just to be safe:(

The tan cost $40, but I had a coupon for buy one get one free. After this morning, instead of saying it cost $20, I say it cost $20 and 6 oz breastmilk. That’s expensive!

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