Monday, May 24, 2010

Another baby?

Now that Meg is almost 1, we are thinking about when to start trying for the next baby. Its amazing how fast things change – a couple months ago, I still thought of Meg as a baby baby. I couldn’t imagine having another one. But now, she’s a toddler. She actually walks around. Which makes me want another newborn!

I like a spacing of two years between kids, but my husband would prefer 3 or, at minimum, 2 1/2. My sister is just short of 2 years younger than me and I love it. I really want that. I hoped I could change husband’s mind by this fall. (By the way, I’m quite relieved that (this time) we won’t have the same spacing as my 2 younger sisters – they’re 16 months apart and have never liked being so close in age. To have kids that close together, I’d have to be five months pregnant right now. I can’t even imagine that!)

However, I’ve basically stopped pumping and the freedom I feel is amazing. I don’t have to carry the breastpump to work anymore!! I don’t have to think about every little thing I eat!! And the biggest plus: I can start using acne medication again! Yay!! For the most part it doesn’t bother me, but I have to use heavy-duty makeup to try and cover up all the problems on my face every morning. I just want clear skin again, if only for the convenience (I am good at covering everything up, but it takes time!). And for me, that’s only possible by using products not allowed for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers.

Besides my face cream, other things I’m exited for are using water-flavoring packets again (I stopped because of the aspartame), eating as much fish as I want (I love fish. I’d eat it every day, but cut back to once or twice a week), and weighing the pros/cons every time I want to take tylenol or ibuprofen (I do take them, just not as often – like once a month instead of every week or two when I get random headaches). I’d also like to lose some weight before getting pregnant again (although I’m not excited about actually doing it). Basically, I would enjoy having my body to myself for awhile before I share it with another baby. So, today, I’m leaning towards waiting. Of course, tomorrow, I might have baby fever again. You never know.

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