Friday, May 21, 2010

The birthday cake

I’ve been thinking about Meg's first birthday cake (really, I’ve been overthinking it). What kind of cake do I get? Do most one year olds get a white cake? Yellow cake? Something a teensy bit healthier, like strawberry cake with lots of real strawberries on top? I don’t know what kind Meg likes. She’s never had cake. Or any other sweets. Its not like she’s never had sugar – she eats YoBaby Yogurt for breakfast every morning and the second ingredient in it is sugar. She eats Gerber Yogurt Melts, which also have sugar as the second ingredient. Heck, even Enfagrow (Enfamil’s formula for older babies) has corn syrup as the third ingredient (the fact there's corn syrup in my daughter’s formula is on my list of posts to write). Even Puffs, which she eats like there’s no tomorrow, have sugar. So its not like I’m a sugar nazi, but she’s never had sweets. I figure she gets enough sugar from the sources listed above. So how do I know what kind of cake to get her? If I make it myself, I’m leaning towards yellow cake, because its my favorite and I have it on hand. If we order the cake (because obviously I can’t put a picture on a cake and I definitely can’t make a cake into a cat*), I’ll probably get white. That’s what you get, right?

**I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it, but her stuffed kitty is her favorite thing in the whole world. She sleeps with it, drags it around the house, sucks on it (eww), and hugs it. It was a rough day at Grandma’s house the day Grandma forgot to bring kitty.

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