Monday, January 14, 2013

Should it Stay? No!

So, my last day of work was Thursday! It has not sunk in at all yet and if someone woke me up tomorrow and told me to go to work, I'd just...go and everything would be business as usual. I'm rather confused right now and sort of feel like I'm simply on vacation.

Anyway, I figured this big transition from working lady to stay-at-home mom warranted a complete wardrobe overhaul and the first thing to go would be stuff I have kept only because it's "good for work." Now I know we'd all like to only wear "things we love," but that's not always realistic, you know? Sometimes you just need something to wear to work and it's not the BEST or your LOVAH, it's just a shirt.

As it turns out, though, I liked most of what I wore to work (which was business casual and not fancy at all, so perfectly appropriate for being at home.) Aside from the items I had earmarked in advance, I threw out hardly any work clothes and a BOATLOAD of crappy stuff I kept to wear on off days so I wouldn't "waste" my work clothes. Nothing bummed me out faster than wearing my favorite work-appropriate shirt on a Saturday and then getting to Monday morning and wailing "I have nothing to weaaaaaaar." I apparently had a lot of good-enough-for-the-weekend-but-not-for-work stuff. And, again, my office was pretty casual, so the bar wasn't particularly high.

This was just my first pass at half of my closet. That's 3 pairs of pants and 32 shirts. That I am getting rid of. FROM HALF MY CLOSET. If you can believe it, I didn't know I had a problem until I thought I should take a before shot and looked through my lens to see this:

I mean, I knew I had an organization problem, but I really didn't realize how many items were in this closet or how out of control it truly looked. (Probably because the messy areas are below eye-level.)

I wasn't kidding when I said I could keep up Should it Stay Monday forever if I wanted to, using just what's in my closet. At this point though, most of it should be a no. I've been through most of the clothes I had questions on, so Should it Stay Monday will be on an as-needed basis now instead of every week. There will definitely be closet organization posts, though. Probably both at Style All Over and here, so get ready.

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