Wednesday, January 9, 2013

52 Date Nights, Week 13: Make s'mores indoors

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The past week has been one of those weeks where Thomas and I haven’t gotten more than 15 consecutive minutes together and are mostly just passing each other in the hall on the way to unpacking/laundry/making dinner/putting kids to bed. I guess we did have time one night to take the Christmas tree down together and assemble this to put in its place, but unfortunately I couldn’t find “play with easel magnets” on the date night list.*

{Edited to add: I knew I was going to forget to put in the picture I wanted here. It's on Thomas' computer and I meant to get it! Here's a blurry one from Amazon.} {Also, doesn't that little girl look just like Michelle's Peanut? You didn't tell us she modeled, Michelle!}

My parents got this for Margaret and both kids love, love, love it.

So, when opportunities for a date night look slim, you can either think: bummer, not going to happen this week OR you can grab one of those 15 minute stretches and use it to set things on fire with your gas stove.

(This picture was staged because we are FAR TOO COMPETENT to accidentally set marshmallows on fire.)**

Chocolate graham crackers because they were what we had and I didn’t want to buy a whole new box. Extra dark chocolate because I’m fancy. And kind of a snob. Baileys because…you know. Why not?

Thomas opted for a Reeses minis s’more and it was quite delicious.

*Neither was “assemble pieces in the wrong order, screwing up the whole process and making your long-suffering husband fix your mistakes.” Weird.

**OK, fine, we did set a couple on fire briefly. The picture was staged, though – the next morning, when Thomas was gone. I was alone in the kitchen setting things on fire with one hand while trying to take pictures with the other, all while the kids were eating breakfast in the next room. Safe!***

***This won’t affect my homeowner’s insurance rates, right?

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  1. Okay, Jessica. These posts make me LAUGH.

    Also (specific to this one), crave s'mores.