Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Timing is everything

Paul woke up this morning (IN HIS CRIB) (!!) with his eyelashes coated in green gunk. Pink eye is BACK! At least it explained why my eyes were so dry and itchy yesterday. (Because of course I have it, too.)

Last time Paul had pink eye I waited to see if it would clear up on its own, then treated, then got yelled at two weeks later at his six month checkup because it had been caused by an underlying ear infection. So this time I went to the doctor immediately. Where they told me there was nothing wrong with him. The doctor didn't even believe he has pink eye. "Sometimes if kids have a little congestion, they get goopy eyes." HAHAHA. Neither Paul or I have especially red eyes yet, but I unfortunately know exactly what pink eye feels like and this is it. I just took him in too soon. I almost asked her to look more closely at his ears. She barely peeked! She did write a prescription for eye drops, but told me not to use it unless his eyes get worse. I just hope we're not back in a couple days with an ear infection for real.

How do I always end up taking kids to the doctor too soon or too late? Does an exactly right time even exist?

Also, who is this big kid and what did he do with my baby boy?


  1. Ugh. Sorry about the pink eye, that does NOT sound fun. On the upside he is adorable on that tricycle!

  2. You are completely getting robbed when it comes to this pink eye business. What the heck?!

    But, like Elsha, I would like to point out how ridiculously adorable Paul is. And! That I would like to nibble on him.