Friday, January 20, 2012

Not quite 7 quick takes

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--- 1 ---
I reorganized my closet this past weekend and feel like I have a whole new wardrobe. A lot of stuff had been pushed to the side/back when I was pregnant and immediately postpartum. I also tried a new way to organize so it would take me less time to pick outfits. I’ve always arranged my closet by color, but this time I decided to separate work clothes, casual clothes, and layering pieces (cardigans, shirts I only wear under sweaters). Within those categories I separated clothes into no sleeve/short sleeve/long sleeve/sweater, then by color. It’s…detailed and I’m not sure how long it will last. For now, though, I love not having to wade through clothes that are too casual when I’m trying to find something to wear to work.

--- 2 ---
Remember my boots problem? I needed the next half-size up, but because DSW processes online exchanges as a return and then a new purchase, I thought it would cost $35 to change sizes. I finally got around to returning the too-small boots the physical store and it turns out it wouldn’t have been a problem. They gave me full price for the boots, so I was able to get the bigger size without it costing me anything. I am VERY impressed.

--- 3 ---
Meg has figured out how to turn on DVDs in our bedroom. If the DVD is in the player, all you have to do is hit play and the TV will come on or switch channels. I was watching the Golden Globes on Sunday, left the room for five minutes, and came back to Meg all snuggled in our bed watching Clifford. I was so impressed (and not very interested in the Golden Globes) I let her keep watching.

--- 4 ---
I went to Goodwill last week to look for belts (no luck) and discovered they had a whole bin of sunglasses. I got a new pair for $1.19! They’re not the nicest, but I lose sunglasses constantly and can never find ones I like anyway. I’m going to try to always leave them in my car so I have sunglasses when I’m driving.

Meg hates to leave Grandma’s house. When we went to pick her up on Monday, she tried to run away…and plowed right into a buffet. This is the first time she drew blood from a facial injury:( It was a pretty small cut so we didn't take her to the ER, but now I'm worried she might have a scar. Would it have been better to take her in for a stitch?


  1. I love having my closet organized by color. Maybe liquid band aid for meg?

  2. Poor girl! I just realized I never commented on your last post - all of those Meg quotes cracked me up!

    Closet pics?

  3. I just got around to reorganizing my closet too, sorting out all the maternity and too small stuff. Amazing that everything I reach for is going to fit! Poor Meg - but she's so dang cute. :)

  4. We let Kalena watch netflix (streaming through the wii) one day and when I went to check on her, discovered that she had learned to browse and pick new shows.

    If the cut closed up it should be fine. And having a stitch would not have prevented a scar if she gets one.

  5. I LOVE organizing the closet. I just did it recently too. Inevitably it will be all screwed up again within days, but oh, it's so pretty now...

  6. While Ezra was taking a shower the other day, I quickly tidied up our bathroom closet (it was a hot mess). And I've already opened it up and admired it's nicely stacked sheets and towels at least twice without actually *needing* anything in the closet. It's a thing of beauty.

  7. Rhys got a cut over his eye when he was about 15 months old and the daycare people worried me so much, I took him to the ER. The doctor said a stitch would have been more traumatic than the cut and did, literally, nothing for him. And then they charged us $1000. You're doing the right thing.