Monday, January 30, 2012

Have I mentioned my husband HATES Ryan Gosling?

I was in a fantastic mood this morning for some reason. We didn’t sleep very well last night (will we EVER AGAIN?), but I was apparently woken in the sweet spot of my sleep cycle so felt perfectly fine. I showered (which doesn’t happen every morning!), did my hair, full makeup, started a load of laundry, and left the house feeling good about myself. I thought about how wonderful the internet was. I was wearing my beloved boots, which I never would have known about if Sundry hadn’t mentioned them. I had my scarf tied a different way, learned from the internet. I had fancy sunglasses purchased at Marshalls, which I never would have went to if –R– hadn’t mentioned it (pushed up into my hair because it was still dark out, but I was accessorizing, OK?) and I was wearing seven (7!) Birchbox products. Also my new coat (which I love) was purchased from Kohl’s online Thanksgiving day sale, which I wouldn’t have known about if not for Julie tweeting about it.

Then I read all these heavy blog posts and got into a stupid argument on Twitter and ended up feeling fat and depressed. The Twitter thing is still really bothering me, too, because I want to clarify a lot of what I said so I don’t sound so dumb, but at this point it would be beating a dead horse and 140 characters isn’t enough space anyway.

But! I’m off to get lunch and eat it outside because it is supposed to be almost 60 (!!) degrees today. Does anybody have any LIGHT and FUN blog posts I can read? I’m seriously considering sticking to DYAC only. And Handmade Ryan Gosling, of course. He’ll cheer me up, right?


  1. You did not sound dumb.

    I learned how to tie scarves on the internet. Yay, internet! And I'm glad you found cool sunglasses at Marshalls!

    Do you read She has a funny light-hearted post today.

  2. It seems the whole Internet is down today, especially on twitter. I don't know what you said, but I'm sure it wasn't dumb. Twitter is dumb a lot of the time, though.

  3. You did not sound dumb. You sounded like you had a different experience/point of view and, I think, they respected you for it.

    I gave Birchbox as a gift to a friend/soon to be sister in law, and she is LOVING IT.

  4. Keep your chin up. I have found that I don't agree with a lot of what is said on twitter at times even by the people I am friends with. We have different opinions, experience, and life history. It can be hard to understand where someone is coming from. I don't think I would have approached the topic any differently than you did today if it hadn't been for a conversation I had on Saturday night that reminded me we don't always know the story. I guess the thing I have learned is that I have to be careful what I say because I am likely to offend someone and I don't want to get caught up in an unnecessary storm. So I just stay away from certain topics. It sucks to censor yourself but in my case, it is a must at times.

    1. Julie, you are so smart.

      I sometimes censor myself, but I sometimes butt into other people's conversations and disagree because I think there can be a benefit to sharing a differing viewpoint, like you did today, Jes.

    2. Yeah, I shouldn't have gotten into it. I knew their background, I was just trying to show there was another side. I worry I ended up sounding insensitive to theirs, though! Or at least too argumentative.


    3. Thank you, -R-, I appreciated you butting in today!

  5. I don't think you sounded dumb. As you already know, it is hard to have an intelligent discussion in 140 characters without it seeming like it's turning into a big deal. Anyway, Prancing Michael Cera always makes me laugh.

  6. You didn't sound dumb, and I totally get what you were saying. I wouldn't necessarily appreciate those kinds of comments from strangers (or a priest- weird) but I DEFINITELY appreciate them when people know I'm working for it.