Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kick counts

Every once in awhile, Thomas will ask "So did my baby boy kick a lot today?" I usually go "uhhh..." because I honestly have no idea. Then I think wow, I'm a terrible mother, I can't remember the last time I checked to see if my kid is ALIVE. Huh, I really hope he IS alive. For some reason, I feel like Meg kicked a lot more than this boy does. I'm guessing that's not true, though, and maybe I'm just thinking of when I was further along with Meg, the point where the baby can't make the tiniest movement without you feeling it because there is NO ROOM. Also, last time I thought of pretty much nothing but OMG, I'M PREGNANT the entire nine months. If Meg kicked, I'd think WOW, my baby just kicked. There is a baby INSIDE ME, how weird is that? I'm having a baby! OMG, she just kicked again. I think I'll go re-read my "your baby this week" email. Why do those emails only come once a week? I want a new one like EVERY DAY.

This time around, I regularly forget I'm pregnant and don't even get the emails. I count this pregnancy in weeks (sometimes months) instead of days. I'm shocked I'm in the third trimester, since it feels like I've been pregnant for a couple weeks at the most. Despite the "neglect," though, the baby is doing just fine. Every night when I go to bed, he does a little dance, just to keep mama awake. (Actually, it's because every night I take my prenatal vitamin with a big glass of water, then get in bed.)

Speaking of that, I can still drink a big glass of water right before bed, then sleep through the night without getting up to pee (or, more likely, just getting up once), because this kid is positioned so high he practically lives in my lungs. He'd move into them if he could, I'm sure. I spend most of my days trying to breathe. Sitting down is the worst position, especially in my office chair, which may be why I never notice the baby kicking during the day - because I'm too busy worrying about whether I'm going to get enough air to avoid passing out.

I don't really have a way to end this, except to say: Hi baby boy! Don't worry, even though I don't think about you as much, I love you a lot and DO make sure you're moving every night before I go to sleep, because I really, really don't want anything to happen to you. See you in 10 weeks!


  1. Ha ha ha - a new pregnancy email EVERY DAY! Yes, that is exactly how it was the first time. And now? They are the dumbest emails you've ever read. Heh.

  2. You know, all the books always talk about kick counts and how your doctor will ask you to start doing kick counts regularly and you'll have to report to him a number and blah, blah, blah. Mine never did. They'd ask "do you feel him/her move?" and I'd say "YES!" and they'd move on.

  3. I remember nothing of my second pregnancy. i constantly forgot I was pregnant. But my last pregnancy.. I remember it all.