Thursday, April 28, 2011

Almost two

I wrote a “Meg’s favorite things at almost-two” post almost a month ago, but I wanted to take pictures of each thing and include them, so I keep waiting to post it. I’ve actually been working on it so long it’s going to have to be split into at least two posts. I’m excited about it, because I think it will be really fun to look back at it in the years to come. It morphed from just her favorite things to what she’s like right now, so I’m going to post that half now. Hopefully now that I’ve told you about the favorite things I’ll actually take the pictures.

1. She refers to socks as ‘sockies,’ with an ‘s’ at the beginning. I prefer it to ‘socks,’ because for some reason she puts a ‘c’ at the beginning of that, which makes it sound like an entirely different word. However Thomas hates it when ie/y is added to the end of anything (it all comes from his hatred of being called Tommy) so he insists on socks even though it sounds like a dirty word. The worst was one morning when she wanted to put on her socks from the day before and I told her they were dirty. She walked around saying dirty…you know what.

2. When she wakes up in the middle of the night she doesn’t want to get out of her crib. She just wants mommy to come in and reassure her she’s not alone in the house. I restart her music, sit in the rocking chair, and she immediately stops crying and goes back to sleep. If I actually make her get up (daycare days) she’s pretty grumpy.

3. She doesn’t seem confused by the fact she has two grandmas (although the one she sees the most is just Ga-ma and the other is Ga-ma Suh (Sarah).

4. I can’t tell her Ga-ma is coming to pick her up, because she gets really, really excited and if Ga-ma doesn’t immediately show up, she starts screaming at me. GA-MA! GA-MA! SA-BA!

5. Sa-ba is Santa Bear. My mom put this bear out for Christmas and Meg fell in love with him. He HAS to be out when she gets to Ga-ma’s house. Sometimes she doesn’t even bring Kitty (which has been her lovey since she was around six months old) to Ga-ma’s, because all she wants is Sa-ba. Last night I asked if she loved daddy and she said “Love Daddy. Love Sa-ba.” I’m pretty sure mom got him out right after Thanksgiving, so she’s been in love with Santa Bear for almost six months now.

6. Once when my dad went on a business trip, mom told her Bumpa went on an airplane. Later that day they were outside and heard an airplane. She pointed at the sky and said “Bumpa?” She still often asks if Bumpa is on the plane every time we see/hear one.

7. She is ALWAYS hungry. Often by the time I get home she’s already eaten dinner, but she always demands food off my plate. She usually eats more than I do. When she wants my food, she says “help?” which means “can I help you?”

8. My favorite thing she says is “are you?” which means “where are you?” If she can’t find one of her toys, she wanders around the house saying “are you? are you?”

9. It’s also kind of morphed into “how are you?” Last night she walked into the kitchen and said “Hi ih-vee, are you?” all nonchalant. (ih-vee is our cat, Olivia, whom we call Livie)

10. One of her favorite things to say is “free, four, five, SIX!” She can count to ten, but isn’t a big fan of one or two. She almost always starts at three.

11. She also wanders around saying “a, b, c, d, f, g.” She can pretty much say the entire alphabet, but sometimes skips letters (often e).

12. Before she learned letters and numbers, she learned colors and she is really good at them now. “Boo! Ed (red)! Back at!” (Livie is a black cat).

13. She loves “daddy’s book” (his Nook) and “ga-ma’s book” (her iPad). She can turn them on, unlock them, and find her books/games. She’s probably better at the iPad than I am. I’ve been careful to never let her do anything on my iPad, so she hasn’t yet figured out it’s the same thing grandma has. Grandma downloaded a ton of toddler games/books and I haven’t downloaded any.


  1. Santa bear... So cute... So good to write all this stuff down.

  2. That is awesome that she is so good with the electronics. I'm still terrified to let Fuss play with my stuff because the last time I left her to her own devices, she pulled keys off my computer keyboard. She also snuck and did something similar to my husband's computer, so I avoid letting her have access to computers. She has no interest in my Kindle, really since it is B&W and has no pictures.