Monday, April 1, 2013

What we ate: Korean Beef, Emeril's Turkey Club Casserole, Mexicali Skillet

Korean Beef

A++, five stars, straight to the top of the dinner rotation. This was SO good and SO easy. Plus, it took like 20 minutes to make, so. Wins all around. Make it tomorrow. Use fresh ginger. Try not to grate your finger.

This did not take 20 minutes. More like way-too-many-minutes-for-a-sandwich. It also created a ridiculous amount of dirty dishes, creating extremely high expectations for the finished product. If I’m going to dirty a pot for b├ęchamel, a frying pan for bacon, a cutting board for bread, a mixing bowl for the eggs/cream, a casserole dish to make it in and another to weight it down, then yeah. It better be good.

Also, the grocery bill is a bit of a deterrent, both price-wise and health-wise. A pound of bacon, a pound of turkey, half a pound of ham, half a pound of cheese, 8 eggs, and a cup of heavy cream. Recipe for casserole or a heart attack? (And yet I chose to make it, so.) (I made a half batch, though.)

I viewed it as sort of a special occasion (calorie wise) and a project (time wise). It turns out since I now have the time to cook, it’s become a hobby. So while I might whine about the dishes, I actually didn’t mind making this.

I thought it was fine. Thomas liked it a lot. I'd eat it again. I'd even make it again, if I wanted a project. I don't think I'd ever make it just because I wanted to eat it, though. The work to yumminess factor ratio wasn't high enough.

Quick, Easy Mexicali Skillet

It seems my meals fall into two categories: Takes all afternoon to make and Throw it together in 15 minutes. This was, as promised, quick and easy. I've always hated taco seasoning packets, though, so I made my own from Holly's recipe.

The finished meal tasted exactly like you'd think taco seasoned ground beef + pasta + diced tomatoes + black beans would taste. No surprises. A perfectly respectable 15-minute meal, but nothing anyone is going to rave about. (Unlike, say, the Korean beef which I almost made again instead.)

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  1. I printed out both of those recipes and will SO be making them next week.

    Thanks for the tip!