Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Things I’m enjoying lately

Twitter book club: Shalini has started a Twitter book club and I’m excited! I’ve never been in a book club. Also, I’m the type that will always read the book and this seems like the kind of situation where the discussion will have to be about the book…because how else will it work? (I guess it would just be regular Twitter then.) It’s kind of bad timing mentioning it to you today, since the first meeting is tomorrow. You don’t have enough time to read the book and I don’t have a review of a meeting to give you. But if you’ve read The Mysterious Benedict Society before, join in! I’m excited to see if it works or just gets super confusing with everyone tweeting at once.

Erica takes on Bon Appetit: Erica is freaking hilarious. I’m sure at some point my claim to fame will be being her Thursday night roommate at the Blathering. (FYI, we intend to pool our resources and have a real kick-ass cat knickknack display, so stop by! Or maybe we’ll issue invitations and pretend it’s a fancy BlogHer party. Can someone bring a black and white cat-themed cake display?)

Anyway. This summer Erica is making the “60 SUMMER RECIPES” from the June issue of Bon Appetit. There’s no way on earth I’d be up for that (the recipes seem…involved), but it is so fun to watch. I really wish I lived closer so I could taste test.

My new kindle: Amazon had a deal a month or so ago and I snagged a refurbished Kindle for $49. I loooove it. Especially since I can borrow library books – the whole reason I got a Nook instead of a Kindle was because at the time library books were only compatible with Nooks. The Kindle is much smaller and I carry it in my purse all the time (though the Nook is a year old and I think they’ve gotten smaller now, too). I’ve traveled a LOT in the last six weeks and it’s been nice to have lots of books without lots of bulk.

L-theanine: I don’t sleep well in hotels. I’m always nervous someone will break into my room. As I mentioned, I’ve been traveling a lot. Since the first week in May, I’ve been on three business trips, two weekend trips with the whole family, and our anniversary trip to Vegas. Near the end of all this (OF COURSE) I started taking one of my hippie pills before bed since I realized I was feeling anxious and poof! Anxiety gone. Best night of sleep ever. Obviously I’m really smart, since I told you months ago the pills made the anxiety dreams I didn’t even know I was having go away…then stopped taking them when I wasn’t such a mess anymore (at least during the day). I’m never traveling without them again.


  1. I hate that I missed the Kindle discount. I have a Nook that I love but I think I would like the Kindle too. Of course I'm also looking at a Kindle Fire or an Ipad (for Facetime with the grandparents).

  2. Really looking forward to the cat knickknack display. Are you bringing them all in your suitcase? I'd love to see the look on the TSA guy's face when he screens your luggage.

  3. THERE IS A TWITTER BOOK CLUB?!!! God I need to hang out on twitter more. I'm totally in for the next book.

    Re: your Birchbox comment - looks like you got a pretty good box! Do you have a lot of that stuff already though? I recall that you were one of the lucky bastards to snag a Sephora summer sun kit or whatever the heck it's called. Supergoop is supposed to be good stuff. I am currently hoarding one of their towelettes that will probably only have enough product to cover half an arm or something, so those bigger tubes look nice.

  4. Arrrg, I'm so behind on everyone's blogs but thank you for the shout-out! My excuse is: 60 freakin' summer recipes.