Monday, June 11, 2012

Growing into strangers

Last night I went into Meg’s room to put away some laundry and ended up sitting next to her bed watching her sleep for 10 minutes. I get to watch Paul sleep all the time, what with the co-sleeping, but I rarely see Meg sleep. She looked different – like her face was missing something. I think she has so much personality it takes over her face when she’s awake and it seems wrong to see her without it. It made me sad to not know this relaxed-in-sleep face. She’s only three. How can there be parts of her I don’t recognize?

Goofball personalities
Paul aged a lot over the four days I was gone last week. He went from taking a few steps here and there to walking the majority of the time. I took the kids to the library Friday and he was proud of himself as he toddled around. He was tall enough to see all the toys on the kids tables and thought it was the greatest thing ever. I almost started crying because the era of crawling is almost gone. Each time he’d stumble and decide it would be faster to go on all fours I tried to memorize his crawl. 
Hard at work
This is the best thing EVER, mom!
Every day, they turn more into little strangers. I used to know every little detail of their lives. Now I miss so much. Meg has little songs and games from daycare and routines at Grandma’s house that are foreign to me. I didn’t even know how much milk Paul drinks during the day until someone other than my mom was going to babysit and needed to know – normally I just stick breastmilk in the fridge/freezer and she takes whatever she needs on a day to day basis (I breastfeed when he’s with me and don’t really know how much he gets.)
I just feel like they’re still so little – shouldn’t I know everything about them?


  1. Anna sometimes takes a nap and wakes up looking different to me and I was there the whole time. I think they are just growing!

  2. I think that's one of the hardest/saddest part of being a parent - they grow away from you. But in return, you get to become friends with people you love more than anything, so that's pretty cool.

    I think with some kids, no matter how much time you spend with them they're a mystery. Teddy is a hard core introvert and doesn't talk about his day or his feelings all that much. I spend lots of time with him and yet I often have no idea what's going on in his head. You're not alone!

  3. I love Sarah's response to this. And isn't it cool to see the little people they're becoming?

  4. I can't over his little chubby feets!