Wednesday, May 9, 2012

First steps

Paul just took his first steps. I was in the house, but I missed it.

I realize it was always a long shot I’d get to see his first steps. Though we do spend a lot of time together, the majority of the time we’re not in the same room, whether it’s because I’m at work or just doing chores. Honestly, though, I guess I just expected it to either be while I’m at work or while I was right there watching. I didn’t think I’d be SO CLOSE and still miss it. For some reason, it hurts more this way. Probably because I was having a bad day to begin with and this was just the last straw. (Also, because I missed it while downstairs hanging the cloth diapers I’ve come to hate. But that’s another story.)

Whatever the reason, I snapped and am having a ‘why do I pour all my time and energy into this kid just so he can scream at me all night long and do the fun stuff when I’m not around’ hissy fit.

Seriously, child. Maybe you should work on sleeping through the night before worrying about walking.

(The funniest part is, I can’t even remember if I saw Meg’s first steps. Obviously, it doesn’t matter.)

So. 10 months, 16 days. At least I managed to write it down! Also, while I’m writing things down, I should mention yesterday morning when I was leaving for work he waved and said bye-bye for the first time. It was very sweet.


  1. So many early walkers these days! yay, Paul!

  2. Paul is ON THE MOVE!

    And does it make me a crap friend to want to suggest bailing on the diapers if they cause so much more work and grossness and stress?

  3. I'm with K. Don't make your life harder if you don't love the cloth diapers.

    These babies, man.

  4. Aww, go Paul! Sorry you missed it. I can totally relate to the hissy fit, as I may have had a similar one due to Lucy saying dada for three straight months, without a single mama to be heard.