Saturday, May 12, 2012

Better late than never

Yesterday was Thomas' birthday. I meant to get this post up then, but we had a busy day. For his birthday, all he wanted was to go out with friends, since we don't get to see them much anymore. We rented a suite downtown and invited everybody to go out to dinner with us and stay overnight (we took the kids swimming in the hotel pool, then sent them to Grandma's for the night). We had a great time, though we discovered we're depressingly old when we got back to the room at what seemed the middle of the night, but was actually not yet midnight, and everyone fell asleep. Sitting up. With the TV on. WOO, PARTY!
Happy Birthday to my favorite guy in the whole world!


  1. That is so fun! What a great party idea.

    (Boo, Cyclones!)

  2. Bed + TV is all I want, ever.