Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Surprise cookies

Lately I've gotten into cookies made with some sort of mix. Yesterday I made cake-mix cookies (made with yellow cake mix). I was really excited as I'm a big fan of yellow cake from a box, but I they were rather disappointing. I think the flavor is better when spread out through a fluffy cake instead of in a dense cookie. It was too much.

Today I tried pistachio pudding mix cookies. I didn't have high hopes this time, since I love pistachio pudding from a mix even more than yellow cake. When I tasted them I was shocked. Why has no one ever told me those yummy little green cookies people make at Christmas are pistachio cookies?? For some reason, I'd always assumed they were some variety of spritz cookies. They taste almondy to me, so I was sure they contained almond extract. I looked on the pudding box and, sure enough, pistachio pudding has almonds. They're actually higher on the ingredient list than pistachios.

I've only ever had these cookies at Christmas, generally at occasions where there is a huge variety of cookies. Do people only make them when they need another variety? Are they generally made at Christmas because they're green? Why didn't anyone ever tell me how easy they are?! I'm still stunned 'try a new recipe (don't get your hopes up)' day turned out to be 'bake up some Christmas memories' day.

Anyway. Tomorrow I'm trying pumpkin spice oatmeal cookies made with pumpkin spice pudding mix I may or may not have bought on clearance after Thanksgiving last year and never used. I hope they're good because I have four boxes of it.

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