Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Meg's first library trip

On Monday, I took Meg to the library for the first time.  She was a little confused when we picked up a bunch of books, then just...took them.  She approved, though.

I've thought about taking her to the library before, but she has a lot of books and doesn't get bored with them.  Even I am usually only sick of one or two books in her collection at a time, leaving plenty of others to read.  But she loves Clifford right now and only has one Clifford book, so we checked out several others.  I hope she doesn't think we get to keep them - I explained to her how we would give these books back to the library next time and get new ones, but I'm not sure she completely understood.

Meg's bookshelf (and crib):
You'll notice she has a lot of board books, which she is outgrowing, but are HERS, ALL HERS and if her baby brother gets to read them it will be because she's "sharing" not because they should be passed down.

Reading a library book:

And a baby picture, since I haven't posted any since the birth announcement:

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  1. Look at that smooshie cutie boy!!! Love it!