Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

Valentine's Day was a big success in our house. We normally don't do much (just a fancy dinner at home), but this year we did exchange small presents. We celebrated on Monday. I took the day off to recover from PJs@TJs (and go to the dentist, which turned into quite the saga). Around noon, these arrived (they haven't bloomed yet).
We exchanged presents after dinner. Unbeknownst to eachother, we both handmade gifts. As I said, we don't do much - I thought flowers and chocolate would be it. It was, but there was a twist! This was my chocolate:
While I was at PJs@TJs, they were at home handmaking truffles for me!

For Thomas, I made an "I love you from here to" wordle of all the places we've been together, like Superfantastic Lori did for her boyfriend for Christmas. I had it printed high-quality at Kinkos and bought a frame at Target.
We gave Meg a tiara from the dollar bin and she was THRILLED. She called herself Princess Meg (uh-oh). You can tell we're into everything princess right now.
She had her party at daycare today and it was quite the sugarfest. Each kid (two-year-old!) had FOUR cupcakes, two cookies, and a Capri Sun. She ate two of her cupcakes, some frosting off another, one and a half cookies, and half the juice. As you can imagine, she was a little...hyper.
She wasn't too excited when we addressed Valentines to her classmates last night. She liked her Dora cards so much she wanted to keep them all. We told her if she gave her friends cards, they'd give her cards, but that didn't convince her. She figured it was doubtful the other kids would have cards as cool as hers, so she might as well stick with what she had. One of her friends ended up giving out Teddy Grahams (her favorite), though, so she determined it was worth it. I think she really enjoyed Valentine's Day, which was fun.


  1. I'm totally stealing the Wordle idea. Any chance you're willing to give a tutorial on how you did it?

    1. Holy business, that wordle is so awesome.

  2. I'm so behind on reading/commenting! So sorry! Anyhow, I love that shot of Meg in her Tiara. My Fuss loves tiaras so much - she's having a Princess Garden Party for her birthday this weekend and she is SO psyched to get another tiara (they break easy. We've been through 3 since Halloween - good thing they're cheap!)

    The flowers are beautiful and I love the picture you did! Awesome!

  3. Ooo - count me in for a tutorial on the Wordle thing. I want to do that for Dave for our anniversary or Christmas!